Types Of Motion Detector Alarm Home Security Systems

Choosing a Motion Detector Alarm

A motion detector alarm is a device that uses one or more sensing technologies to “see” motion and trigger either lights or alarm systems. Motion detectors can usually be added to any standard home alarm system and should be considered as an added measure of protection against unlawful entry.

Any authorized home security system provider should be able to factor the best location for adding motion detectors to a home security system. You can also choose to buy “stand alone” motion detector alarm kits for use around doors, windows, driveways and more. For specific needs or when installing a full alarm system is not an option, these motion detection solutions can provide an additional level of security and alert you to entry.

Types of Motion Detector Alarms

Infared Motion Detectors – There are some motion detectors which use passive infrared sensors to detect the presence of body heat. This type of sensor can be used for interior security systems to sense when someone enters a house.

Ultrasonic Motion Detectors – Another type of sensor is more active and uses ultrasound waves to trigger a security system. This type will trigger when the waves reflect off of an object that is not supposed to be in the range of the detector.

Microwave Motion Detector – A third type of sensor uses microwaves to act in the same method as the ultrasound detector. This type of detector reacts when transmitted microwaves reflect off an object that is not supposed to be in its path.

Most home security companies allow for services and equipment in addition to the standard entry alarm setup. This type of equipment, regardless of the style, can trigger an alarm even if standard entry points are bypassed. This added level of protection makes motion detector equipment a good addition to consider for any home security system.

What to Look For In a Motion Detector Alarm…

One should consider, when choosing to add a motion detector to their standard home alarm system, whether there are any large pets in the home. Many detectors cannot distinguish between a large dog and a burglar. Current technology does provide for mounting locations and thresholds which will not trigger the alarm for any animal up to 80 pounds.

Another consideration is how often someone is home, motion detectors should be set up for areas that are not often used and areas with little to no activity.

When researching a home security system, any homeowner would be wise to consider adding motion detector equipment to the standard alarm package usually offered. Lifestyle, number of people in the home and any large pets should be considered when choosing to add motion detector equipment. People who are frequently at home, or are home at different hours of the day, should have the equipment set up with this in mind.

Contacting a reputable home security system dealer should be the first step in installing a complete system for total home safety.