Top Five Things To Ask A Residential Home Builder

Before you select one of the residential home builder’s from your list, there are several key questions that you should ask each of them in order to ensure that you feel as confident in your selected builder as is possible; buying a new home is an important milestone for every family, it is important that you are completely satisfied throughout the process.

1. How Many Phases Are Planned?

This is an important question to ask your residential home builder, especially if you are looking to build a new home in a fairly new development. The more phases that there are to the building process, the more likely you are to have heavy equipment continually moving through your neighborhood on a daily basis – and the more likely you are to have to deal with the excessive noise that often accompanies new construction.

2. Are There Plans To Bring In An HOA?

An HOA, Home Owners Association, is a committee made up of the residents of the community who work together along with a governing party (usually a third-party management company) to regulate several key things in the neighborhood.

  • They ensure that everyone is sticking to the HOA bylaws and keeping their yards neat, tidy, and free of weeds.
  • Any changes to the exterior of the home need to be approved by the HOA, including house paint color, any modification to the property fence, and even sheds or pools in the backyard.
  • The HOA will also be responsible for the collection of fees from the home owners in the community; these fees will, generally, be used to maintain the common areas of the neighborhood like the pool, children play areas, and other areas that need maintenance.

While an HOA can certainly be a useful addition to a new community, they are also granted a rather high level of authority in the state of Texas. If a home owner neglects to pay their HOA dues, the HOA management company has the ability to place a lien against the property and ultimately sell it at auction to recoup the fees.

3. What Does Your Standard Warranty Cover?

A reputable residential home builder will stand behind his completed work and offer a home warranty for up to two years from the date of closing. To ensure that you get the most from the warranty in the case of an incident in the home, it is vital that you fully understand which things are covered and which things are not covered. Ask to see a copy of the standard warranty so that you can review it before making your decision.

4. Where Can I See Your Prior Built Homes?

Viewing homes that your residential home builder has already completed will help you to form a better idea as to the level of competence of your selected builder. A drive through the neighborhoods will provide you with a gauge of how well built the homes are, how organized the community layout is, and it will also allow you to see any areas that may be of a concern to you for the future of your own neighborhood.

5. Will You Be Responsible For All Permits?

More than having a solid knowledge of the city ordinances around new construction, your residential home builder should be responsible for obtaining all pertinent building permits from the city on your behalf to ensure that the building of your home runs as smoothly as possible.

With a few careful questions to help you make your final decision, you are certain to pick the residential home builder who will help you achieve your dream home.