Professional Tree Surgeons – Are They Worth The Cost?

Regardless of your tree problems or requirements be tree trimming, tree pruning or tree removal service, professional tree surgeons (also known as a arborist) can you help with your horticulture needs.

Tree surgery involves skilled techniques and tree surgeons are fully trained, use the latest techniques and follow all health and safety guidelines.

Highly qualified tree surgeons with years worth of expert tree service will visit your home, assess the nature of the work before using the highest quality tree work equipment and safety standards to ensure your tree is safely and professionally pruned or removed.

Healthy Trees

There are many reasons to have your trees trimmed regularly. Tree Cutters help you keep your property looking its very best.

Trimming lengthens a tree’s lifespan and eliminates the potential for disease and storm damage. Regular tree care also reduces the possibility that branches will interfere with power lines.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree should be your last resort. Trees not only add value to a property, but can also enhance the overall appeal of your home. Removal becomes necessary when the upper half of the three is more than 50% dead, the trunk is hollow, or mushrooms and other fungi develop along the roots.

Commercial & Residential Tree Trimming & Removal

Ensure that your trees grow healthy and strong with tree trimming and deadwooding services. It is recommended to trimming several times a year to keep growth in check and avoid tree failure, falling branches, and tree disease.

Types Of Tree removal services:

Tree Pollarding
Tree Pollarding is a ongoing method of maintaining trees at a particular height.

Our professional tree surgeons will remove all branches to leave only a basic shape and trunk so that new tree can be managed.

Tree Felling
Tree felling or tree dismantling is the removal of trees to ground level, and can be carried out at any time of the year except in the presence of nesting birds.

Tree surgeons use specialist lowering equipment to ensure their safety whilst reducing the impact of the tree surgery work to the working area below.

The tree will then be treated with a herbicide where necessary to prevent re-growth, or if required we can offer a stump removal service.

Tree Lopping
Tree Lopping (also known as crown reduction) is normally carried out on a tree which has outgrown its location.

Tree lopping work is carried out throughout the country by tree surgeons, although early spring is avoided as it can be detrimental to some species.

Dead Wood Removal
Our tree surgeons will remove dead, dying, diseased, detached or broken branches in order to improve general tree aesthetics

Stump Removal
Also known as stump grinding, stump removal is the removal of tree stumps for aesthetic or building purposes.

Year-Round Storm Damage

Deal with storm damage on your property with the help of Tree Cutters. The stronger the storm, the more potential there is for damage. Prepare for Bad Weather. Be proactive by having your trees trimmed. Removing dead branches and failing trees before a storm hits helps you avoid potential property damage.